My name is Nishant Singh. I am a technology enthusiast who loves to build things. A full-stack developer by profession, I am passionate about the future of education & software. I am currently part of the amazing tech team at Dukaan. In the past I founded Ylurn, an Ed-Tech SaaS.

Life Updates

Joined Dukaan

I moved to Bangalore to join the amazing team at Dukaan where we are helping millions of SMEs in India launch and grow their businesses online.

Decided to shut Ylurn

Failed to scale my startup Ylurn. Learned (the hard way) that building a solid team is equally important as building the product and to never mindlessly build too much.

Blogs Tweets

I made a promise in my first blog on this website to post regularly. Well that didn't go as planned. I never wrote one again. Instead I tweeted a lot.